Physical Therapy in pregnant and postnatal program

Cost*: 2,300 THB

This package is valid until June 30, 2022

Women’s bodies undergo a multitude of physical changes during pregnancy due to the increased demands placed on her body. Weight and hormonal fluctuations can impact on joints and the pelvic floor region as it undergoes great transformation throughout the birthing process. Furthermore, emotional adjustments during this time can sometimes be stressful, which can result in mood challenges often termed as the ‘baby blues’.

Physical therapy can go a long way in prevention and treatment for a mom’s overall physical and emotional wellbeing.  Our wide-range of physical therapies are patient-centered and carried out by an expert team who specialize in the needs of new and experienced moms. 
Treatment programs we provide:

Muscle Tension Program

This program is for women dealing with muscle tension associated with pregnancy. The program utilizes physical therapy based medical massage and relaxation techniques, applying specialized equipment. Physical therapists offer recommendations on maintaining good posture, which supports core strength and relaxed shoulder musculature. Our team of highly trained physical therapists are experts in relaxing and easing the tension women are predisposed to during pregnancy and post-partum. 

Personalized Exercise Program along the Pregnancy Journey

This program focuses on strengthening various muscle groups, including the pelvic floor muscles. Under the guidance of expert physical therapists women can expect long-term results.

This program is suitable for women at any stage of their pregnancy, from preconception to post-partum; however, admission into the program may be dependent on the individual’s physical capabilities based on guidance from their treating physician who is knowledgeable of the programs’ objectives.


Terms and conditions

  1. Prior to joining the program, we recommend a consultation with your physician or please contact the Physical Therapy Center for more information.
  2. Physical Therapy in pregnant and postnatal program can be used at Physical Therapy Department 4th floor, Building B for OPD case or patient room for IPD case.
  3. This package may not be combined with any other offers, discounts, corporate partner discounts, insurance discounts, or promotions.
  4. This package applies to the OPD & IPD cases and non-refundable.

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